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lawd praise bruce



lawd praise bruce

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We finally got one

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Guide to Islam ?

Islam, A religion where more than a billion muslims follow. Everyday most muslims wake up at sunrise to pray their first daily prayer. There are a total of five prayers in one day. Muslims continue to learn new things about their religions everyday but its easy to forget it. With Islam started more then 2000 years ago it’s kind of hard to take in the knowledge and remember everything. has created a google extension that has a guide to islam. It included 

 Quran, Salah, Islamic TV, Zakat Calculator and much more! All for a very low price of $0.00 

Islam is a very popular religion, and to take advantage of gaining knowledge everywhere you are is a prestige opportunity. The app includes a lot of features that muslims can enjoy and prosper. 

Personally, Me as a muslim. I would love to enjoy the uses of the amazing piece of technology. Its nice, its free and its a chrome extension. It delivers everything for nothing. The developers are amazing. 

This app has received a lot of positive reviews. It has a five star rating and the owners have already bought a new domain for the app. You can download the extension here.

Why did they create the tool in the first place? 

To teach and help muslims learn their religion. It helps them gain knowledge about their knowledge.

What do people have to say about your learning tool? 

Some people wrote:

Syd ImuSep 5, 2012

Really great app 

Mahmoud ELhoushJan 18, 2012

great app … Allah bless you

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This is why I love Tumblr.

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When Derek was a pup

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Copyright Issues?

Copyright is a form of keeping whats yours to yourself. It protects you from others infringing your inventions. Your work is your work and no one but you owns it. There are laws in this world that protect us from it. Dont know what copyright it? Its this symbol that you see around logo’s or at the bottom of websites  ” © ” Its very recognizable and it requires you to ask the owner’s permission if you were to use their creations. 

Creative commons was created as a way for people to distribute their creations freely knowing that the person was going to cite who’s creation they had been using. There would be no need to contact the person but they would have your name down for example “ ©  Uwais Patel 2012 “ 

Some issues do arise when using Creative Commons. Others may steal your work and not give credit to you. Plagerism is a big factor when you’re a photographer. You dont need people stealing your work. Once you do find someone that has stolen your copyrighted work you can take them to court. 

The following video may help you understand what Creative Commons is:

This video helps to explain the basics of copyright law and creative commons licensing and the role each can play in helping creators protect and share their work.  It teaches:
Why copyright law exists
How to copyright a creative work
Creative Commons licensing basics
How both copyright and Creative Commons licensing can help creators
Rules of thumb for using licensed work
In my opinion I would want to try out Creative Commons, but personally I wouldnt use it. The stories Ive heard about it just make it seem that it gives others a free pass to take your work. 

¨     Is the cost of the learning tool reasonable when you consider all the features or other similar products?

The cost is free but to copyright a product with the national copyright office may cost some money. Creative commons doesnt really offer a lot of features but it offers a huge downside.

¨     How will it change and adapt to you as you move through your life?

It will make me more careful of my work, and I would make sure its not being copied. It would make me more vigilant about my work. 

Personally, I wouldn’t recemmond it. Its too much oh a hassle to keep track.   

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Twitter is a social networking application available on many platform whether its a Mac or PC or even a mobile device. As twitter progressed into a multi million dollar site, it’s been used for many reasons. 

People have been able to communicate on Twitter, celebrities have been able to reach out to their fans, emergency personnel have been able to report crimes to a broader range in hopes of seeking Justice. 

Twitter is an exceptional tool that allows us to learn new things everyday. People are able to communicate their ideas and knowledge to millions of people. 

     Does your learning tool cost anything?  

Twitter is a free resource available online at : Twitter (Click Link) . You will just need to sign in or sign up to use this program. 

Will you continue using it?  

Yes, I’ve been using twitter since the 10th of September, 2010 . Its an exceptional tool, and I look forward to using to everyday.

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Amazing Cupcakes (Taken with Instagram)